No.21 Haiyu Chawan
Size W12.2-H8.4
70,200Yen Wood Box
No.22 Bizen Chawan
Size W14-H9
70,000Yen Wood Box
NEW No.23 Bizen Shirogesho Wan
Tomoyuki OIWA
Size W15.6-11.7 H9.9
54,000Yen Wood Box
SOLD No.24 Bizen Chawan
Takashi SOGA
Size W12.4-H9.2
86,400Yen Wood Box
NEW No.25 Bizen Chawan SOLD
Satoshi OIWA
Size W13-H9.2
64,800Yen Wood Box
NEW No.26 Inbe Mizusashi
Megumi SUEDA
Size W18-H19.2
162,000Yen Wood Box
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