Bizen Gallery Aoyama

Exhibition / Bizen / Kosuke KANESHIGE 22th, July - 30th, July 2017

A son of Toyo Kaneshige, the first Living National Treasure from Bizen

1968 Tokyo University of the Arts

2012 Okayama Prefecture Important intangible cultural property holder

Collection of art museums

The National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo , Museum of Fine Arts Boston , Suntory Museum of Art

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The Works below are a part of the works which are now on special exhibition held in the Bizen Gallery Aoyama. We highly recommend that you give notice to them.

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SOLD 1 Chawan Size(cm)W11.2-H9.2 / 378,000Yen Wood Box
2 Sei i (Holy costume) Size(cm)W28-H27.5 / 702,000Yen Wood Box
SOLD 3 Hidasuki Chawan Size(cm)W11.4-H8.4 / 270,000Yen Wood Box
4 Umi kara (From the sea) Size(cm)W38-29 H32 / 648,000Yen Wood Box
5 Kaki Size(cm)W23.7-H25.5 / 378,000Yen Wood Box
SOLD 6 Ashitsuki Hanaire Size(cm)W11.4-H31.2 / 378,000Yen Wood Box
7 Kaki Size(cm)W36-28.8 H26.4 / 486,000Yen Wood Box (Posted on the cover and back cover of the booklet.)

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Exhibition Archives Before May, 2014 ( Record until the exhibition with digital data)

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