How to use Bizen ware
Wefd like to ask you to take a little care before using Bizen ware, especially when putting anything oily on dishes or plates. Please dip the piece of Bizen ware into water before use. In general, you should dip every piece into water before use. Particularly when it is used for the first time, you really should be sure to dip it as you can prevent oils or smells from penetrating the piece. In addition, the color of the Bizen ware will become still brighter and show the appearance beautifully, too. Itfs also suggested to boil Bizen ware before use, but we canft recommend that. Please wash soon after using. We suggest that you wash as soon as possible after using. Please wash with a detergent after you have used with oily food. Please wash well and dry thoroughly. We suggest that you put away piece after drying well. Please avoid use of a microwave oven if possible. Some people use microwave ovens, but we canft guarantee it to be all right.
Bizen Gallery Aoyama