How to look our indication
After you choose each category, you can click a work and look at the details of the works. Here we would like to explain the indication before you click.
No.10 Bizen Syuki
Anjin ABE
Size W10-H15
105,000 yen Wood Box
Beside the number of the works, we indicate new works is"NEW", the works have been sold out is"SOLD".
When click the picture of the work, you can look from various angles. Mainly front, back,inside and base.
Potters Name: It indicates the one made the work.
SizeFWidth-Length (Unit = cm) 1 inch = about 2.5cm
Price includes tax.
"Wood Box" indicates the work is coming with wood box. The work and box come in a set. ( The price includes the charge of box)
You can go the picture of check if you click" Order".

In this site, we often use Japanese name in the Roman alphabet for the title.We hope that you will enjoy Japanese style as the ones who introduce Bizen pottery. Here please let us explain typical words which we use.

Japanese English
Sara / zara Plate
Hachi/Mukouzuke Bowl
Yunomi/Kumidashi Cup for green tea. Yu means ghot waterh. Nomi means gdrinkh.
Guinomi/Sakazuki/Hai/Syuki/Syuhai Sake Cup
Tokkuri Sake Bottle
Chawan Bowl for powdered green tea. Tea bowl.Container used during the tea ceremony to drink powdered green tea.
Chaire Tea caddy. Container used during the tea ceremony to keep powdered green tea.
Mizusashi Water jar. Container used during the tea ceremony to hold the water for the teakettle.
Hanaire/Kaki Vase for flower. Hana means gflowerh. Ire means garrangeh here.
Kakehanaire It is a flower vase to hang on a wall and a pillar.
Kouro Incense burner
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