Bizen Kaki – Spiral

SOLD Spiral | Takushi TAKAHARA | Size(cm)W5.7 H29.5 (Iron stand 6.5cm-6cm) | 55,000Yen Wood Box
スパイラル |  高原卓史 | 55,000円 共箱 (Although it is elongated, it is heavy and stable.) 続きを読む “Bizen Kaki – Spiral”

Bizen Sue Kaki

Bizen Sue Kaki  | Toshiaki SHIBUTA | Size(cm)W29.3 D22.7 H21.4 | 280,000Yen Wood Box
備前須恵花器  | 澁田寿昭 | 280,000円 共箱
Bizen ware is an extension of Sue pottery, but it is finished in a quiet light gray tone by reduction firing. This is the shade that I am currently paying attention to. 続きを読む “Bizen Sue Kaki”

Bizen Yohen Mimitsuki Hanaire

SOLD Bizen Yohen Mimitsuki Hanaire | Yoshiteru TAKARIKI | Size(cm)W15.2-H22.4 |  55,000Yen Wood Box
備前窯変耳付花入| 高力芳照 |55,000
円 共箱
続きを読む “Bizen Yohen Mimitsuki Hanaire”


SOLD Bizen Kaki “PLEATS PLEATS PLEATS” | Toshiaki SHIBUTA | Size(cm)W30D24.5 H23 | 220,000Yen Wood Box
備前花器 PLEATS PLEATS PLEATS | 澁田寿昭 220,000円 共箱
続きを読む “Bizen Kaki “PLEATS PLEATS PLEATS””

Bizen Ashitsuki Shiho Hanaire

SOLD Bizen Ashitsuki Shiho Hanaire / Kosuke KANESHIGE / Size(cmW17.2 H38 / 324,000Yen Wood Box
足付四方花入 金重晃介 324,000円 共箱

続きを読む “Bizen Ashitsuki Shiho Hanaire”

Bizen Kaki

Video Bizen Kaki  /  Kosuke KANESHIGE  / Size(cm)W35.8-H26.5 / 486,000Yen Wood Box
備前花器 金重晃介 486,000円 共箱
It was shot by the pale morning light and the daylight. It looks different.

続きを読む “Bizen Kaki”