Bizen Tohban

Bizen Tohban  | Toshiaki SHIBUTA | Size(cm)W35.5 H4 | 132,000Yen
備前陶板  | 澁田寿昭 | 132,000円
You can hang it on the wall and enjoy Matiere, and it can also be used as a plate. This piece will fit well on both old-fashioned house walls and modern concrete walls. You can enjoy the atmosphere of Wabi-Sabi. 続きを読む “Bizen Tohban”

Bizen Yohen Suribachi

Bizen Yohen Suribachi | Tsuneo OSAWA  | Size(cm)W28.7-23 H13 |  60,000Yen Wood Box
備前窯変擂鉢 | 大澤恒夫 |60,000
円 共箱
The price is reduced because the paulownia box is slightly damaged. No problem.

続きを読む “Bizen Yohen Suribachi”