Inbe Guinomi | Hidasuki Guinomi

Right : Inbe Guinomi | Yoshinobu MORIMOTO | Size(cm)W6.7 H6 | 19,800Yen Wood Box
伊部酒呑 | 森本良信 | 19,800円 共箱

Left : Hidasuki Guinomi | Yoshinobu MORIMOTO | Size(cm)W6.7 H5. | 19,800Yen Wood Box
緋襷酒呑 | 森本良信 | 19,800円 共箱

続きを読む “Inbe Guinomi | Hidasuki Guinomi”

Bizen Kaki – Spiral

SOLD Spiral | Takushi TAKAHARA | Size(cm)W5.7 H29.5 (Iron stand 6.5cm-6cm) | 55,000Yen Wood Box
スパイラル |  高原卓史 | 55,000円 共箱 (Although it is elongated, it is heavy and stable.) 続きを読む “Bizen Kaki – Spiral”

Saishoku Bizen Syuki

SOLD Saishoku Bizen Syuki |  Anjin ABE  |  Size(cm)W6.5-H5.9 | Double Wood Box
 安倍安人 |  二重共箱
Please contact us for the price.
続きを読む “Saishoku Bizen Syuki”

Bizen Tohban

Bizen Tohban  | Toshiaki SHIBUTA | Size(cm)W35.5 H4 | 132,000Yen
備前陶板  | 澁田寿昭 | 132,000円
You can hang it on the wall and enjoy Matiere, and it can also be used as a plate. This piece will fit well on both old-fashioned house walls and modern concrete walls. You can enjoy the atmosphere of Wabi-Sabi. 続きを読む “Bizen Tohban”

Bizen Sue Kaki

Bizen Sue Kaki  | Toshiaki SHIBUTA | Size(cm)W29.3 D22.7 H21.4 | 280,000Yen Wood Box
備前須恵花器  | 澁田寿昭 | 280,000円 共箱
Bizen ware is an extension of Sue pottery, but it is finished in a quiet light gray tone by reduction firing. This is the shade that I am currently paying attention to. 続きを読む “Bizen Sue Kaki”

Kuro Bizen Kaku Guinomi

SOLD Kuro Bizen Kaku Guinomi Size(cm)W4.5 H6.4
Kuro Bizen Hidasuki Kaku Guinomi Size(cm)W4.5 H6
Set of two 33,000Yen Wood Box
Toshiaki SHIBUTA
黒備前角酒呑・黒備前緋襷角酒呑 セット | 澁田寿昭 | 33,000円 共箱
続きを読む “Kuro Bizen Kaku Guinomi”

Bizen Yohen Suribachi

Bizen Yohen Suribachi | Tsuneo OSAWA  | Size(cm)W28.7-23 H13 |  66,000Yen Wood Box
備前窯変擂鉢 | 大澤恒夫 |66,000円 共箱
The price is reduced because the paulownia box is slightly damaged.

続きを読む “Bizen Yohen Suribachi”

Bizen Yohen Mimitsuki Hanaire

SOLD Bizen Yohen Mimitsuki Hanaire | Yoshiteru TAKARIKI | Size(cm)W15.2-H22.4 |  55,000Yen Wood Box
備前窯変耳付花入| 高力芳照 |55,000
円 共箱
続きを読む “Bizen Yohen Mimitsuki Hanaire”


SOLD Bizen Kaki “PLEATS PLEATS PLEATS” | Toshiaki SHIBUTA | Size(cm)W30D24.5 H23 | 220,000Yen Wood Box
備前花器 PLEATS PLEATS PLEATS | 澁田寿昭 220,000円 共箱
続きを読む “Bizen Kaki “PLEATS PLEATS PLEATS””

Kuro Bizen Yohen Shinogi Tokkuri

SOLD Kuro Bizen Yohen Shinogi Tokkuri  /  Toshiaki SHIBUTA  / Size(cm)W8-H14.4 / 37,800Yen Wood Box
黒備前窯変鎬徳利  澁田寿昭 37,800円 共箱

続きを読む “Kuro Bizen Yohen Shinogi Tokkuri”

Bizen Happy Set

SOLD Bizen Happy Set (4P) / Toshiaki SHIBUTA / 54,000Yen
Plate Size (cm) W24.5-25 H1.5 / 
Bowl Size (cm) W22 – H9.5 / Cup Size (cm) W 9.3 – H 7.6
Bizen Happy Set 4作品 / 澁田寿昭 54,000 円

続きを読む “Bizen Happy Set”

Bizen Ashitsuki Shiho Hanaire

SOLD Bizen Ashitsuki Shiho Hanaire / Kosuke KANESHIGE / Size(cmW17.2 H38 / 324,000Yen Wood Box
足付四方花入 金重晃介 324,000円 共箱

続きを読む “Bizen Ashitsuki Shiho Hanaire”

Bizen Kaki

Video Bizen Kaki  /  Kosuke KANESHIGE  / Size(cm)W35.8-H26.5 / 486,000Yen Wood Box
備前花器 金重晃介 486,000円 共箱
It was shot by the pale morning light and the daylight. It looks different.

続きを読む “Bizen Kaki”