Kakewake Wan

SOLD Kakewake Wan | Size(cm)W15.1-H9.5 | Takahiro ISHII | 99,000Yen Wood Box
掛分盌 | 石井隆寛 | 99,000円 共箱
It is a chawan that makes you feel the snow on the peak. If you use it a lot, the scenery inside(Mikomi) will change even more. 続きを読む “Kakewake Wan”

Shigaraki Tsubo

SOLD Shigaraki Tsubo | Size(cm)W38.5 H47 | Tetsuya ISHIYAMA
信楽壺 | 石山哲也
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It is one of my favorite works of modern pottery. It is difficult to find a work with such an atmosphere.
 You can enjoy exactly 360 degrees. Feel the cheerful and warm matiere and the power of natural glaze.
He is also knowledgeable about old pottery and creates many types of pottery. while recently focusing on contemporary art.
I rate him in a survey of pottery magazines. ITO

Born in 1973
Lives in Shigaraki 続きを読む “Shigaraki Tsubo”

Inbe Mojimon Tokkuri

SOLD Video Inbe Mojimon Tokkuri | Anjin ABE | Size(cm)W11.3 H18.7 | 800,000Yen Double Wood Box
伊部文字紋徳利 | 安倍安人 | 800,000円 二重箱

“Donshuu no uo wa, shiryuu wo oyogazu”
Literal : Large fish that swallow boats do not live in small rivers.
Interpretation : A great person does not associate with a trivial man. Those who have great aspirations do not care about small things. The great man doesn’t stick to the trifle.

Not only firing but also the shape is wonderful. The mood of colors is different on a sunny day and a cloudy day.

続きを読む “Inbe Mojimon Tokkuri”